Pennie & Petie

Pennie and Petie were rescued donkeys from a farm in Hampshire, Illinois. They have never worn halters, been led with a rope, or been in a horse trailer. They are turned out in huge pastures with their horse friends and have their own "pent-house suite" in the main barn. They are groomed daily, fed plenty of peppermints and carrots, and have their own custom Baker sheets (fleece withers and lined, of course!)

They make adults and kids smile on a daily basis and they enjoy all the stares they get from all the horses. During off hours, the kids at Independence Farm enjoy taking the donkeys in the ring and jumping them over poles and flower boxes. The kids also give them baths and hand walk them until the are dry.

Please Welcome, Patze, Our New Zonkey Yearling Filly

She is half zebra/half donkey and was bred at Rarity Acres in Michigan. We are so happy she is here and look forward to working with her. Petie and Pennie are thrilled to have a new friend.

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Courtesy of Rarity Acres

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